Motivation-7 Ways to give you motivation when chips are down

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How many times we feel low or sad due to tragic experiences in life due to lack of motivation? Gosh, I think so many times. People always tend to ask questions like

What should we do now…all things has lost…?

I think I don,t have faith in myself what to do now?

To answer all those sorts of questions about Motivation

I share a story with you

There was a poor old farmer who lived with his teenage son and a wife. His son used to help his father in farming because of his father’s old age for almost 1 year. Sudden on one afternoon. His hand got stuck in the thrasher machine and has been damaged pretty bad. Doctors advised him to chop off his one hand otherwise there be chances of paralysis to the whole body. So there was no option left except cutting his hand. So he has to lose his one hand in that accident. But he was not the one of those who gave up quick in life. He was a fighter to his adversities. He used to continue helping his father in farming with the help of an artificial arm with a lot of pain bearing. This was his courage and dedication that makes him different & superior from others. After 10 years he was a professor in a top most agricultural institute.

Once when a journalist fired a question at him during an interview “you don’t found little bit inferior to the other normal people because of that accident ?

To that question, he answered “No I don’t feel like that because of that incident I got to know myself better that how strong I am if that accident doesn’t happen with me then you won’t find me here being interviewed.

Moral-“Adversities & tough situations bring out the best in you. So be strong in your low don’t let the situations to break you”


So here are some of the ways that keep you motivated even if chips are down


1) Stay attached to a specific mantra-

There is so much motivation all around the world. That wherever we float our eyes we will find motivation. The only thing that stops us from seeing that is our perception. So we need to change our perception towards life and make it a positive one. So that we Aren’t feel low and sad in difficult times.For this create some specific punch lines which will help you to boost your morale.

2) Set your Expectations low-

If we fail at something big even small things also seems to be difficult. We have to correct this by taking small measures step by step at a time. So we set our expectations low that way we will get the victory quicker and faster. This builds our inner self-confidence and leads us towards success.

3) Start Networking-

If we are down and low we tend to remain alone in fear of that one will ask the questions which we don’t want to answer.

yeah yeah, I know there is nothing wrong in it. But if you think out this way that people who live alone are prone to get depression in quick succession. So if you came out and start networking with people you get a better chance to feel their happiness. This also makes your inner sadness wash out fast if you seeing someone happy at the core.

4) Do Something which makes you Happy-

Instead of passing your time emptied and doing nothing. It will only get to harm you because time is precious and once it has gone it doesn’t come back. So alternative you can do something. Which cherishes you whether it’s your hobby. That you always wanted to do or spending quality time with your family and children’s. whatever be the case you should do that thing.

5) Start Celebrating your little Achievements-

We have a unique characteristic which we didn’t notice often. We always see what we didn’t have instead of observing what actually we have. So you haven’t need to fear that I didn’t have done that just celebrate and get happy for those things you had achieved.

6) Think Less do More-

Human mind programmed to think around 50000-70000 thoughts per day. If you go by it what,s the number of thought you actually put in place? Chances are probably 0.1% that’s mine your’s may differ. So if that’s the case then we are the prey of overthinking. Overthinking just creates doubts in our mind. So the only trick is to get rid of this is to think less and do more. This way we will keep ourselves busy and doesn’t feel depressed.

7) Follow a Healthy Routine-

If the chips are down a person on his low doesn’t care much about his body and health. He used to eat whatsoever come in front of him this neglection results in deteriorating health issues. So to keep himself healthy he must eat a well-balanced diet and do exercise and follow a healthy routine. This schedule will decrease the anxiety and increases mental and physical strength.


If a person follows all these steps there will be a significant change in his confidence. You feel more confident in the difficult times and no one can break you out so easy. It gives us the strength to forget the tragic experience we faced and start leading a new life. So that I think we have covered up answering all the question related to above topic. we should be head towards closure.

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!!Cheers and god bless!!

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