Motivation & valuable types:It’s Easy If You Do it Smart?

motivation & valuable types
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We always keep saying that we must get motivated to do things we love. We must get motivated to do things which drive us towards a path of growth. Do we need to get motivated? Why not, all the above sentences seems much true, Yeah but the fact is that anyone knows the true meaning of motivation? If you don’t then let,s get started to learn this in this article about motivation & valuable types.

 So Questions like these often arise-

What is the real motivation?

What does it do exactly?

Why do we need one?

Why is it worth to keep yourself motivated?

Etc keep roaming in our thoughts. Everyone wants to Get motivated, but no one knows the true meaning of motivation. So in this post, we will try to find out what is motivation its types and its effects?

So the first question arises that what is the motivation?

Some say it is an act which provokes us to something it can be negative as well as positive. Half true, but the real meaning of
Motivation is not just only that, it’s much more than that. In my words, motivation is a force which kept us pushing to act towards a desired task. Whether in general its depend on upon individuals to individuals.
E. g. -For job seekers, it is different, for a teacher it is different. So it’s not advisable to generalize the term into a specific set of words.
Hope that definition has wiped up your blurred view of motivation & its valuable types into a shining and clear view.

Now we will talk about the types of motivation

There are two types of motivation
1) Intrinsic
2) Extrinsic

Intrinsic motivation-

Intrinsic motivation refers to the motivation that comes from within the individual and not from the outside rewards or fear. In this type of motivation, people enjoy doing an activity.
Some of the types of intrinsic motivation are as follows-

1) Enjoyment-while are some task you enjoying yourself, that’s why you want to do it. Then it is a type of intrinsic motivation. E. g. -People love playing soccer only because they love soccer. This gives them the sense of enjoyment that’s why they play it.

2) Challenge-You wanted to do some specific task. Because it challenges you then it is considered as intrinsic motivation. As the challenge is an internal factor of any individual to push him to do something.

3) Curiosity-If you wanted to do something to get detailed knowledge about that topic. Or You can say curious about something then it is a type of intrinsic motivation.

4) Other leading types of intrinsic motivation are acceptance, cooperation, fantasy etc.

Benefit of intrinsic motivation

An intrinsic motivation leads ones towards the sense of satisfaction. That may be not achievable in extrinsic motivation.


Extrinsic motivation-

Extrinsic motivation refers to the motivation that comes from the outside source is called an extrinsic motivation. This type of motivation
May or may not give the inner satisfaction opportunity to an individual.

Some of the types of intrinsic motivation are as follows-

1) External rewards-For doing a task an individual gets a certain type of external reward for doing it. It’s the main reason for pushing and committing himself to the task is considered as extrinsic motivation.

External rewards consist of certain factors these are

a) Money-A individual is doing a task for money it is then an external factor. e. g. An individual is selling something in exchange for money, then it is an Extrinsic motivation to do that task.

b) Praise– A person is doing something to get praise from others. This is a type of extrinsic motivation.

c) Other notorious types of external rewards are bonuses, awards etc.

Benefit of extrinsic motivation

An extrinsic motivation gives the material benefits such as money, fame etc.


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